Failed Roulette Strategies – Avoid at All Costs!

A failed roulette strategy is any system that provides information to a roulette player that can never deliver results. The reason for this comes purely down to the player and not the system, let me explain further. So many times in the online casinos, in the forums and in numerous gambling chat rooms around the internet, i hear the same old stories. This roulette strategy has failed, please avoid this system, do not use this betting method at all costs. Then i probe the conversations further, how much did they win, how much did they lose. Often the answer comes down to more losing than winning, so should we really blame the system.


Many of these online roulette simulator players had something in common, they were returning to the tables the following day with a larger value. Big mistake, in fact huge, no mistake could be bigger. You see a system is designed to work around a multiple of amounts, cutting a long story short, a system for roulette requires controlled figures. This means that if you find a roulette betting method that works for you, meaning that you can double fifty dollars in around an hour. Do not play next time trying to double the hundred dollars you had won previously. You must do what you did the first time, twice. Do not mess with values of a roulette system when that strategy is working for you, you would never fix something that was not broken, the same applies here.


Gamblers get greedy and roulette simulator players are no exception, they believe in majority that the numbers are wrong, that the system is wrong and that their game is broken. There is nothing wrong with the game as roulette will never change, it is the player who more often than not changes the outcome. Develop yourself as a player first, learn to play within your own numbers and become professional with those numbers. Then and only then, will you notice something more intelligent about the way you play roulette.